Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shavuot in a dying congregation

On the plus side, at least the person in charge decided that, since shopping for the Shavuot kiddush was being done in a Jewish neighborhood anyway, the cheesecakes would be purchased from a kosher bakery (under reliable rabbinical supervision). So we were able to serve cheesecake to some visitors from one of the local Orthodox synagogues without qualms.

On the minus side, we got all of five congregants for Maariv/Evening Service on the first night of Shavuot.


Thousands of people showed up at the JCC in Manhattan for Shavuot programs (both religious and not). We couldn't even get a minyan for our Tikkun Lel Shavuat study sesssion, even with our Orthodox guests.

And we're burying another congregant on Monday. That'll be the fifth congregant we've buried since December.


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